financial debt relief services Bradenton, FL/financial debt resolutions Bradenton, FL

When financial times hit hard you have limited options on how to regain your financial integrity.  And because bad things sometimes happen to good people.

We offer a federally regulated debt relief program that eliminates the burden of paying ongoing interest and reduces the principal balances owed to your selected participating creditors.   Given such an arrangement — you are obviously able to save money and time and regain peace of mind that you are doing what is best for yourself and your family.  We do not judge – we help!

The advantage to you is that we are performance based not flat-fee base. This means that we will get you the best discount possible. We work for you not for the banks.

The Principal Operating Partner of Financial Integrity Group, LLC has been performing financial solutions for clients for  almost  20 years in the debt settlement industry, mortgage financing, and as an investment advisor for special limited partnerships.

The Manager of Operations has worked in the debt resolution profession for over 8 years and previously worked at Goldman Sachs as an accountant in the Trading & Arbitrage Department before becoming a Financial Planner at H&R Block Financial Advisors and then moved to Florida to become CFO/COO of FAS Wealth Management.

The two Principals and the professionally trained multi-lingual enrollment consultants at FIG are able to answer all of your questions regarding your qualifications and benefits of the debt settlement program for you.  You will continue to be in good hands with our Client Servicing and Mediation team as you navigate the debt resolution process.